I told you that it doesn’t work like that, I am an Ocean & you – you are an anchor. 

You’ll drown in me & I think it’d really fucking hurt to have you plunge through my flesh & crash through my bones until you hit the dead end of my bottomless soul. 

It was behind the locked-from-the-inside door to our bathroom that you found me, blood dripping. 

And I have learned of what it feels like to have turned someone against their very self. 

You hated yourself for not fixing me, darling, more often than not it seems we cannot fix broken things. 

I heart you, but I am on fire. 

You were on fire too.

 Together we’d fuel a blaze too devastating, too big a flame to ever be extinguished. 

Not the howling screams of my hurricane rage, nor the torrential monsoon of your defeated tears. 

Nothing, not a damn thing could ever stitch back together the canyons that were once our seams.

© AleCat 2014

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