Oh, Holy Fuck. (INHALE, PUFF) 

When those glass-like snowflakes heat up, & melt down & (EXHALE) I burn up. 
When that sickly sweet sinful puddle of bliss begins to swirl, 

& within subconscious motion my wrist, my hand, my fingers grip that cold, glass cock as I wrap my lips around the tip & my crack pipe begins to twirl. 
Oh, Holy Mother of God. 

Have I sold my soul, to a Devil I always wanted to get to know? 
Oh, (INHALE, PUFF) I sigh shallow sighs of relief, but I can’t just get high on my beliefs.

When you come down from the ceiling, deep in the darkness of Puff, (EXHALE), the magic dragons lair, swirling vapors burning-choking-twirling. 


Baby.. I moan as you blow out a motherfucking cloud. 

Now you’re the weatherman & you predict a hurricane of shallow, premeditated clouds. 

This eerie calm, heard long ago this part is only the eye of the storm, each puff fills my every hollow breath with meaning. 

The demons thirst, this Hell’s demeaning’ despite the fact that my life now has reasons.
© AleCat 2013

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