control panel:

A list of all that I can control, for the times I forget..

  1. how i talk to myself
  2. how i talk about myself in front of others
  3. how i react to external stimuli
  4. how i react to others during interactions
  5. how i react to my thoughts
  6. when i write
  7. the words i write
  8. how i structure my space
  9. how i structure my day
  10. how i compose myself under duress
  11. whether i seek help
  12. when i seek help
  13. when, where & how i say yes
  14. when, where & how i say no
  15. whether i bring an umbrella
  16. whether i bring my personal alarm
  17. how i engage in my relationships
  18. how & when i practice self care
  19. when & where i track my habits
  20. how i practice kindness
  21. how i practice humility
  22. what i learn from my lifes lessons
  23. how & where i release my despair 
  24. how i speak to those i disagree with
  25. how i pay attention to my surroundings
  26. how i feel my feelings
  27. whether i slam doors
  28. whether i use foul language or make inappropriate comments
  29. whether i raise my voice
  30. whether i interrupt
  31. whether i yell
  32. whether i cry
  33. whether i breathe 
  34. where i do what makes me uncomfortable
  35. whether i forgive myself
  36. whether i forgive my mother
  37. whether i forgive my uncle phillip
  38. whether i firgive my stepfather stanley ross
  39. whether i forgive my nan
  40. whether i forgive andrew
  41. the people i listen to & actively learn from
  42. the subjects i research
  43. who i follow, which websites i visit & which blogs i read
  44. how i develop my interests, hobbies, skills & talents
  45. how hard i work at something
  46. the art i create
  47. what clothes i wear
  48. whether i move my body in ways that empower me
  49. the stories i rewrite, the unsupportive perspectives i change
  50. whether i take responsibility for myself, my behaviour, my choices & my obligations
  51. how kind i am to other
  52. how i practice empathy
  53. how i practice patience
  54. how i recognise & respond to my needs
  55. how i communicate my needs
  56. how i practice gratitude
  57. when & how i slow myself down
  58. whether i speak slowly & articulately least resistance cos i trust in the process of life
  59. whether i live, die, survive or strive to thrive
  60. how i decide to exude a quietly confident aura of equanimity, & exist on this frequency too!

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