the disconnection which accompanied the understanding of the depth of hatred towards me runs my blood dead cold, as if my cadavar had been stripped of all warmth, emptying out my arteries, triggering an all too familiar state of pain – yet again, the one whom has the focus of my affections utterly loathes my existence passionately & is certain to ensure that I know.

the paradox is that in order to have a reasonable chance to turn a toxic relationship into a healthy relationship, we have to be prepared to leave it. when we value our relationships we’re willing to make the effort that it takes to keep them.

be committed, not attached but more importantly, know the difference.

© AleCat 2017

One thought on “relationshits

  1. It is so true that sometimes to turn a toxic relationship into a healthy one we need to leave it. And the pain is tremendous. The love that we’re looking for, we can only find inside of us. We need to be our own parents when our biological parents are incapable of being such. Forgiveness is a tricky one – I think it helps when we try see things from a wider angle. It helped me to understand my mother when I realised what she went through as a young woman, also my grandmother. I realised I’m not only here to heal myself but to transcend a generational wound that has been running in my family for long. Love to you x

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