the Borderline commandments

  • do unto others as you would have them do unto you
  • openly state your true feelings, insecurities & needs
  • stop projecting own unfavourable traits onto others, especially those you disagree with
  • learn to feel & discuss emotions – not act them out
  • express your disappointment, hurt & anger towards your parents – not your partner
  • engage with Core Healing work to end shame & build self-worth
  • make an effort daily to be grateful for whatever progress you’ve made & to accept your flaws & shortcomings
  • take full responsibility of your errors & mistakes
  • apologise sincerely. once & do not re-inflict injuries
  • work hard to learn, heal & mature into a healthy adult
  • sex is a gift, not a means of control &/or manipulation 
  • learn how to self-validate 
  • never ever threaten your partner, lover &/or favourite person with suicide &/or self harm
  • when you lie, they can sense it – don’t do it 
  • replace “I’m sorry” with “Thankyou”
  • replace EITHER-OR with BOTH-AND 
  • avoid verbal extremes (never-hate-love-always)
  • continue practicing kindness instead of being right
  • cause & effect; consider consequences before reacting

Guidelines for Thinking >>> 

Step back. Remain silent. Walk, walk with ease & leave no anxious footprints behind. Stay in control, hold command of the internal judges panel. Exude balance, stable & serene; even if you’re yet to feel so sure of yourself. Don’t portray self-pity, nor weakness but don’t be aggressive either.

internalise any disquietude & work on it later

You’re probably stronger than you think. The more you act & are in control of your emotions & the reactions of your personality the more consolidated & powerful your ethereal being becomes. 


Remember, don’t make any fucking assumptions & don’t hold expectations (most of yours are distorted anyway)

the seeds you sow today become the garden that surrounds you tomorrow, plant wisely & with great care. 

© AleCat 2016

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