192 hours ago

i don’t believe you’ll cease sleeping with other women, for me? no why would you? Also you said cheating on our friendship, on me, remember- my name is alexis?, was about taking back control (that i have made clear i wanted no part in dominating at all) & a way to prove to me that you can do whatever the f*** you want. on top of these you did that violin thing. you’ve been seeing whores for awhile, good for you & good for everybody. keep it up baby. AWP, you sure managed to prove that point to me. i accept responsibility for all the damage i inflicted, risks i risked & passion & adoration bordering on obsession which i expressed. Can’t change anything & sorrys not worth shit. I’m not available anymore, & of this I intend to remain absolute. And it’s fucking sad to say so. By that I mean we’re done for. No threats, no tears, no more time wasted. I’m single, as are you. And will act accordingly. I’ve lost attraction to you, & belief in all you’ve ever taught or told me.

Text from me to him.
© AleCat 2017

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