my private working theory

  • Don’t tell them anything. Be vague, be murky but empty.
  • Master the art of observing.
  • Don’t assume you’re right, instead; you’re able to simply focus on key methods to help in managing your relationship i.e: paying more attenion to: 
  1. Connecting/bonding with person with Empathy, Attention & Respect.
  2. Structuring relationship around tasks rather than reacting to emotions. 
  3. REALITY TESTING: So you don’t necessarily believe everything you’re told, but also don’t assume it’s lies as the person may honestly believe inaccurate information. 
  4. Educate yourself about Consequences in order to forsee risks ahead. 

It is better to learn ways to respond constructively.

Pro Tip: Focus solely on your own behaviour.

 © AleCat 2017

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